Joining me for this episode is Brayden Kozak, Chef and co-owner of The Three Boars Eatery, which just placed first in Avenue Magazine’s best small plates category for best restaurants in Edmonton in 2016. Brayden tells us the moment he realized good food could have a positive effect on someone’s mood and how realizing that helped shape his career. We learn about the inspiration that turned him into a self-described farm food fan boy, who not only wanted to buy his food directly from the farmer, but also work with the odd bits as he refers to the none prime cuts of meat or unique grains grown by a local producer. You don’t have to make it too far into this interview before conceiving Brayden is a pretty respectful, positive and honest guy. I really enjoyed working on this episode and whether you already work with local food or just think it’s a food fad, there is something in this one for every Chef. Photo Courtesy of Cory Johnn

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