We are joined by Brian Yazzie, Chef de cuisine at The Sioux Chef in the Twin Cities area of the USA. The Sioux Chef refers to the Sioux First Nations, not Sous as in Sous Chef or second Chef. The Sioux Chef was created by Chef Sean Sherman and his partner Dana Thompson in the form of a catering company that focuses solely on indigenous food. Brian and I talked about some of the ingredients and techniques they use at The Sioux Chef including a recipe for Cedar and Maple tea. Brian’s passion for revitalizing indigenous foods has also lead him to the Standing Rock camp where he has been volunteering his time cooking for the protestors who are fighting for their indigenous rights. Brian has headed back to the Standing Rock camp with the donations he's collected that represent food from his region that he will use to create a daily indigenous feast over the American Thanksgiving Weekend. We close the interview with getting a better understanding for the future of The Sioux Chef and the future of the revitalization of indigenous foods.