Mark McEwan (@Chef_MarkMcEwan) is a Chef, Businessman, TV personality, Author and Proprietor of the McEwanGroup which is comprised of Toronto’s landmark restaurant North 44, One Restaurant, ByMark, Fabbrica, and McEwanFoods. Chef McEwan first appeared on the Food Network on his own show The Heat and continued with the Food Network as the head judge of Top Chef Canada. Chef McEwan has released two cookbooks, Great Food At Home and Rustic Italian.


I was able to sit down with Chef McEwan while he was at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, in Alberta, Canada for The Christmas in November event.



During my conversation with Chef Mark McEwan we cover his thoughts on:


· How Chef McEwan manages the McEwan Group with, 7 locations, multi-leveled catering and 600 employees

· Lean and effective execution

· Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves

· The importance of the old fashioned basics and the challenges of making the basics happen

· Learning lessons during hard times and turning the hard times into valuable experience 

· How to get ahead and move forward in your career and the power of an amazing work ethic 

· The hurdles technology creates in this people based industry

· The best way to take notes in the kitchen

· What it’s like to be filmed for TV 

· Inspirational Restaurants in Canada

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