For today’s episode, I interview Paul Shufelt, Chef and owner of The Workshop Eatery. Paul talks about cooking the way his mom used to with a focus on cooking with the seasons. He remembers growing up with a large family garden and his mom preserving the harvest to enjoy throughout the year, which taught him “let’s eat food when it’s supposed to be”. We discuss his time spent working in Switzerland and some of the lessons he learned including the philosophy: treat your restaurant guests as if they were guests in your home. The Workshop Eatery is located in The Mosaic Centre, which is a one of kind building with great aspirations to be net zero and off the grid. The story of The Mosiac Centre and the documentary of its creation can found in the show note links. Paul shares his learning experience designing the restaurant to contribute to the Mosaic Centre’s goal of becoming a net zero building and his current operational thoughts that can help make the restaurant sustainable,  including bringing back the garden from his childhood within steps of the kitchen and teaching his cooks exactly what it takes to grow a tomato.  I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed putting together for you and as Paul will tell you, “I’m doing this because this is what I love doing”. Photo Courtesy of The Globe and Mail



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