Joining me for this episode are John Jackson and Connie Desousa, Co-Chefs and Co-Owners of Charcut Roast House, Charbar, and Rooftop Bar @ Simmons. We cover a lot of ground, from nose to tail butchery, in house charcuterie and preserving, and hear how Charbar dry ages their local, grass-fed beef.


We talk about the vision opening a restaurant.  How the food they prepared for those around them and the food they loved to eat was destined to be the food that was on their menus.  John and Connie share their experiences with what feels right as a chef, cravings and how much they dedicate to putting honest food on a plate. Certain items just seem like they are meant to be part of the menu…“Connie and I were like, onion rings, but that’s not really Charcut. Let’s do onion rings and take out the marrow from the bones and we’ll do deep fried bone marrow and onion rings that are battered and it’s all served together, and I’m well yeah, that’s a Charcut dish.” John Jackson


Connie and John share their experiences with stages…whether it be how to get them, using them to directly learn what you want to know, their purpose and their positive attitudes that allowed them to absorb so much knowledge and share their passions.


As with most things worth doing, there were sacrifices, like butchering at midnight and processing the animal so that the charcuterie could be prepared, even if it was 3am.  Organization and scheduling this is now an integral part of their routine, so a work life balance can be achieved.


We talk about what’s behind their success, “we did it like our lives depended on it. Every day you are working with a Chef and giving 110% because the one day you don’t is the one day you will get noticed not doing it. If you keep giving 110% and are always go go go, you will move up and be given more opportunities than the guy standing next to you.” John Jackson “It’s really the blood sweat and tears of our amazing team that has really created the success for our business.” Connie Desousa.

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