In this episode of Talking Chefs we hear the notable paths and opportunities of chance that Chef Michael Noble has taken over the last 35 years. A journey that helped define where he is and where he plans to be over the next 15, 20 or 25 years. It’s a story about slowing down and accumulating experience through time. An apprenticeship at Hotel Vancouver and 8 years working his way through the ranks from cook to Executive Sous Chef at The Four Season Hotel accumulated experience. Once Chef Noble realized he was ready to take the next step and become an Executive Chef, he did so in 1996, as the opening Chef of Diva at the Met, also in Vancouver.


As the years unfolded, Chef Noble found himself on Iron Chef Japan as the only Canadian Chef to appear in the original Iron Chef Japan Series. As chance would have it, he transitioned back to Calgary to be the opening Chef of Catch Restaurant and Oyster Bar. Continuing to follow his curiosity, Chef Noble became the Director of Product Development and Culinary of Earls Restaurant LTD. Before long it was time to gather his courage and open his own restaurant, NOtaBle the Restaurant, focused and built around a massive wood and charcoal fire rotisserie and grill. After another promising opportunity presented itself, Chef Noble decided to open The Nash Restaurant & Off Cut Bar. For the rest of the interview, we get to hear some of the skills Chef Noble gained and used over the 35 years that are contributing the success of NOtaBLE and The Nash.


Lessons made up of building and caring for teams, including long term thoughts and strategies for growing engaged teams. Chef Noble speaks fondly about his mentor and friend Chef, Bruno Marti, and also how he mentors his senior staff on mentoring the juniors and intermediates. Chef Noble also gives us his take on how to be a successful mentee and how get the most from your mentorship. You will also hear new ways of looking at timeless hospitality tactics in a modern world, how to create an excellent restaurant experience and the importance of communication and building trust in this people business, generally speaking, lessons of becoming a better Chef. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

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