I am pleased to welcome Robert Belcham, Chef and Co-owner of Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma in Vancouver, BC to Talking Chefs for this episode. Chef Belcham started out by cooking the dishes he saw the Julia Child’s and Jacques Pepin‘s of the world demonstrate on TV during his early teens. Even though he enjoyed cooking, he never considered it a career possibility until he flipped through a course calendar for Camosun College on Vancouver Island and noticed the culinary program. On the first day of culinary school, he knew from that day forward he was going to be a Chef. We discuss his time working at Rebar Modern Food and The Aerie Resort before heading off to work at The French Laundry. “Thomas Keller is the man who taught me how to cook”, Chef Belcham tells us of his time spent at The French Laundry. After working as a private Chef in the Silicon Valley during the Tech Bubble, he decided to move back to Canada and call Vancouver home. We hear about his time working at C-Restaurant, first as Robert Clark’s Sous-Chef, then as the Chef de Cuisine. He was also part of the team that opened Nu Restaurant for C-Restaurant’s group. Our conversation continues with Chef Belcham and his partners becoming restaurateurs and opening up Fuel, Campagnolo, Campagnolo Roma and Fat Dragon BBQ together. During the interview, you will get a better sense of the Chef he has become, along with his culinary philosophies and principles.

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