ChefsSteps co-founder Grant Crilly’s exploration into sous-vide is just one way he, and his business partner Chris Young, help people cook smarter. ChefSteps is a food tech company devoted to bringing smarts to cooking by demonstrating the “simplicities” of basic through complex techniques one step at a time. Or, each Chef Step of a given technique, at a time.


Before we continue, let us reveal our bias: we believe everything ChefSteps creates has style. Not the prancing-around-the-plate-naked-with-a-streak-of-pretension-style, but the tastefully-delivered, substance-paired-with-the-perfect-soundtrack kind of style. Whether the “everything” is a YouTube video that shows how easy dinner preparation can be, a premium class that walks you through each step of baking macaroons like a pro, a well-designed sous-vide immersion circulator named Joule, or her smart companion app that makes cooking with Joule a breeze, it is all done with style. Indeed, Joule exemplifies the ChefSteps style: she’s bold, beautiful, smart, and she’s got substance.


So, where does this substance come from? It comes from purpose. The purpose of providing a clear path for people to put real food on their tables. The path for which ChefSteps has made a map, anticipating the obstacles that can trip us up before our food hits the plate, and solving the problems that impede cooking a meal our forks are excited for.

ChefSteps focuses primarily on solutions that help the home cook gain kitchen smarts; however, there are plenty of nuggets or hacks for the seasoned culinary professional found within the steps that can be followed at, the ChefSteps app, or Joule’s companion app: Clear steps that can either help you get where you want to go in the kitchen, or maybe learn a different way to get there. Whichever route you take, you’ll be entertained in style while feasting on this substance that makes us smarter cooks.

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