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#15 Grant Crilly of ChefSteps – Joule’s Kiss to Sous-Vide


ChefsSteps co-founder Grant Crilly’s exploration into sous-vide is just one way he, and his business partner Chris Young, help people cook smarter. ChefSteps is a food tech company devoted to bringing smarts to cooking...

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#14 Sandor Ellix Katz - Fermentation as Technique 


Sandor Ellix Katz (a.k.a. "Sandorkraut") is a fermentation revivalist, food activist, and author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation. He joins the listeners of Talking Chefs today to help....

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#13 Vikram Vij - Yatra (A Journey)

Vij's Restaurant, Rangoli, My Shanti & Vij's Sutra


Vikram Vij is the Chef and Co-owner of four restaurants, Vij’s Restaurant, Rangoli, My Shanti, Vij’s Sutra and a food product line called Vij’s at Home. He is the co-author of...

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#12 Mark McEwan - Take Care of the Small Things 

McEwan Group & Food Network


Mark McEwan is a Chef, Businessman, TV personality, Author and Proprietor of the McEwanGroup which is comprised of Toronto’s landmark restaurant North 44, One Restaurant, ByMark, Fabbrica, and McEwanFoods...

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#11 Brian Yazzie - Indigenous Foods Revitalized 

The Sioux Chef - Standing Rock

 We are joined by Brian Yazzie, Chef de cuisine at The Sioux Chef in the Twin Cities area of the USA. The Sioux Chef refers to the Sioux First Nations, not Sous as in Sous Chef or second Chef. The Sioux Chef was created by Chef Sean Sherman and his partner Dana Thompson...

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#10 Brian Skinner – Plant Based Food Explained

Frankie, We Salute You!


When I first looked at Chef Brian Skinner’s Instagram account a picture which displays a table beautifully set with white accents stood out. The panoramic view of the glacier mountains was stunning and visible as this table was set at 9000 feet in a bio dome...

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#9 Robert Belcham - Classic Techniques Incorporated

In The Modern Kitchen - Campagnolo & Campagnolo Roma


I am pleased to welcome Robert Belcham, Chef and Co-owner of Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma in Vancouver, BC to Talking Chefs for this episode. Chef Belcham started out by cooking the dishes he saw the Julia Child’s and Jacques Pepin‘s of the world...

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#8 Shannon Martincic – Persistence Pays Off 

Huxley Wallace Collective


Joining me for this episode is Shannon Martincic, Culinary Curator for the Huxley Wallace Collective in Seattle Washington, USA. Shannon shares her amazing story that includes an internship at Alinea in Chicago with renowned Chef Grant Achatz...  

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#7 Michael Noble - People, Teams and Mentorship

NOtaBLE & The Nash


In this episode of Talking Chefs we hear the notable paths and opportunities of chance that Chef Michael Noble has taken over the last 35 years. A journey that helped define where he is and where he plans to be over the next 15, 20 or 25 years. It’s a story about... 

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#6 Sean MacDonald - Behind the Plating

Market Restaurant


Joining me for this episode is Sean MacDonald, Executive Chef of Market Restaurant in Calgary. Sean won the Canadian local final for the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2016, and he will continue the competition this October...

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#5 Paul Rogalski – On Skill, Passion and Rebranding

Rouge - Bistro Rouge


During this episode of Talking Chefs, I interview Paul Rogalski, Culinary Director and Owner of Rouge Restaurant and Bistro Rouge in Calgary. Paul tells us, “I have always been engaged and hooked into the world of food – all levels of food.” He said “I feel very fortunate...

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#4 John Jackson & Connie Desousa - Charcut & Charbar

Cook What You Crave


Joining me for this episode are John Jackson and Connie Desousa, Co- Chefs and Co-Owners of Charcut Roast House, Charbar, and Rooftop Bar @ Simmons. We cover a lot of ground, from nose to tail butchery, in house charcuterie and preserving...

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#3 Leah Gamache - Teatro Group

Cardiac Nurse to Pastry Chef


Leah Gamache would fit the definition of a switched on pro who changed careers and dove into the kitchen later in life. During this episode of Talking Chefs, Leah and I sat on the patio of AlForno Café and Bakery, her current focus with Teatro Group...

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#2 Paul Shufelt - The Workshop Eatery

Sustainability in a Restaurant Start-Up


For today’s episode, I interview Paul Shufelt, Chef and owner of The Workshop Eatery. Paul talks about cooking the way his mom used to with a focus on cooking with the seasons. He remembers growing up with a large family garden and his mom preserving the harvest...

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#1 Brayden Kozak - The Three Boars Eatery & Farrow

On Local Producers


Joining me for this episode is Brayden Kozak, Chef and co-owner of The Three Boars Eatery, which just placed first in Avenue Magazine’s best small plates category for best restaurants in Edmonton in 2016. Brayden tells us the moment he realized good food could have a positive... 

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